Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rahul entered Bigg Boss house with an agenda

Rahul Bhatt an ex-participant of Bigg Boss admitted that he joined the Bigg Boss house with an agenda.He stated “I wanted people to know who I truly was because there have been too several rumours about me in the public domain. The show was the perfect platform for clearing the air.” Son of producer-director-writer Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul added “Staying in the House has added to my experiences. I can read people’s minds a lot better now.
”Rahul plans to jot down the dialogues of his very first movie later on.Rahul admitted “I’m dyslexic; I can’t mug up long sentences. So, I’d rather write my lines.”“I’m not as gifted as dad or my sister Pooja to write scripts. But I’m creative with stories.”


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