Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sanjay’s gift to Manyata…

Proud father Sanjay Dutt on November 29 gifted a new Rolls Royce to wife Manyata who recently gave birth to twins.
The couple drove into the showroom in their black Audi plate number MH02BF4545 and drove off in a silver Rolls Royce plate number MH.02.CB.4545.
Manyata was greeted with a bouquet of flowers on her arrival at the showroom. The key and the car papers were handed over to Dutt by the showroom manager.
The Rs2.5 cr car cost Dutt Rs3.8 cr after the custom changes that he ordered, such as the color and interiors.
Manyata had gifted Sanjay a Bentley on his 51st birthday on July 29.
The couple was blessed with twins – son Shahraan and daughter Iqra on October 21, 2010.


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